It has been a good week for arbitrary milestones for recent hit movies!

Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.’s The LEGO Batman Movie earned a solid $4.275 million (-42%) on its third Friday to bring its domestic cume to $118.2m. We can expect an $18.3m weekend (-44%) for a new $132.3m 17-day total. Barring a massive downturn, we’re still looking at an over/under $170m domestic cume for the $80m animated spin-off, with plenty more to come overseas. So yeah, it’s still a hit.

Lionsgate/Summit’s John Wick: Chapter 2 earned another $2.5 million (-40%) for a strong hold on Friday no. 3, setting the stage for an $8.65m (-47%) third weekend and robust $74m domestic total. The Keanu Reeves action sequel will top out with at least $90m but it needs a strong hold next weekend against Logan to have a prayer of $100m+ domestic. Actually, it has already earned over $100m worldwide, besting the $86m worldwide cume of the first John Wick with more to come.

Universal/Comcast Corp.’s blemish on an otherwise superb last few months, The Great Wall, continued to crumble kin North America. The Matt Damon action fantasy earned $2.361 million (-60%) for a likely $8m (-57%) second weekend and $33.7m 10-day total. It could have been worse, but it’ll be happy to clear $50m domestic at this point if that’s enough to push the $150m Legendary/Le Vision/etc. production over $300m worldwide.

In better news, Fifty Shades Darker has already topped $300 million worldwide, on a $55m budget no-less. The Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan erotic drama made another $2.6m (-61%) on its third Friday for a likely $7.67m (-62%) weekend and $103.6m 17-day total. The sequel had $207m overseas and $303m worldwide heading into the weekend, so we’re at least looking at a $350m+ global total. So yeah, this is still a huge hit even with a total below the first film’s blow-out figures.

20th Century Fox’s Hidden Figures continues to pack them in. The $25 million historical dramedy earned another $1.585 million (-14%) for a likely $5.7m (-19%) weekend and whopping $152.64m domestic total. No matter how well it does at tomorrow’s Academy Awards, it’s a huge winner. Less of a winner is Warner Bros./New Line’s Fist Fight. The Ice Cube/Charlie Day comedy earned $1.777m (-53%) on its second Friday for a likely $5.82m (-52%) weekend and $22.7m 10-day total. It’ll top its $25m budget, but it will need solid overseas business to actually make money.

Summit and Lionsgate’s La La Land continues to dance its way to Oscar-powered glory. The Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling musical, which has gone from being a critical darling to a parable for Trump’s America whose Best Picture Oscar win will be all Sauron needs to cover all the lands in darkness, earned another $1.23 million (+8%) for a likely $4.75m (+4%) weekend and $141m domestic total as it races towards $400m worldwide. By the by, Moonlight will end the Oscar season with $22.5m while Manchester by the Sea will end tomorrow with $46.8m as Arrival becomes the third Best Picture nominee to cross $100m domestic.

M. Night Shyamalan’s Split earned another $1.173 million (-38%) on its sixth Friday for a likely $4m (-43%) weekend and $130.8m domestic total. But the $9m chiller will have around $220m worldwide tomorrow, making it Blumhouse’s biggest domestic and worldwide grosser of all time if it isn’t already (Paranormal Activity 3 earned $207m back in 2011). The Oscar season’s other big winner, Lion, will earn around $3.77m (-10%) over the weekend to bring the Dev Patel/Nicole Kidman drama’s domestic total up to $42.7m. Not so Oscar-y A Dog’s Purpose will earn around $3.43m (-40%) in weekend five for a $57.44m domestic total.

Last weekend’s most tragic whiff, Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness, dropped a harsh 72% on its second Friday, with a $430,000 gross leading to a likely $1.345 million (-68%) weekend and $7.53m 10-day total for the ambitious but unsuccessful $40m horror film. Kudos to 20th Century Fox for rolling the dice, and I’m sure Logan will ease some of that pain next weekend. I am Not Your Negro is holding strong, comparatively speaking, and it should end its fourth weekend with $4.7m to become the 42nd-biggest grossing documentary of all time. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’s Fences will end its Oscar season with a trophy or two and a $56.5m domestic total for Paramount/Viacom Inc.

Oh, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter followed up its jaw-dropping $33 million opening day in China with another $34.9m on Saturday, bringing its two-day total to $67.9m. But that’s a story for tomorrow.

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