Into every presidency, a little rain must fall.

Sorry, President Trump: You’re not doing so well on OKCupid. Their users say they’re more into the idea of getting peed on than supporting you. Sad!

The dating behemoth recently updated their list of iconic questions to cover current events and the results are…pouring in. They’ve found that their users are more likely to be into getting pissed on than they are to support Donald Trump. Yes, you read that correctly. Golden showers — which the now infamous Trump dossier brought back into the public eye — are more popular than the President himself.

Image: okcupid

One word is all you need.

Twenty-four percent of OKCupid users who answered the new questions said that golden showers were a turn-on or they could be convinced to take one. Only 11 percent of people answered in the affirmative to the very simple question "Trump?" (To be exact, 4 percent said "Hell yes" and 7 percent went with the more muted "yes.")

Other questions cover Russia (36 percent think they hacked the election), immigration (88 percent are against building a wall) and climate change (90 percent say it’s real). In the 10 days since the new questions debuted, the nine most engaging ones have gotten some 270,000 responses from American users.

They were also marked "important" far more often than the normal questions. It’s not surprising since suddenly all anyone can think about is politics, and you don’t want to end up on a date with someone whose on the opposite side of issues you care about.

These results obviously don’t speak for the population as a whole. The most recent Gallup poll puts Trump’s weekly approval rating at 40 percent. And OKCupid users have leaned to the left in the past. Still, it’s really gotta take the piss out of the Trump’s people to know he’s tanking with the singles of America.

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